Tomorrow ist the first Day of Archaeology!
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What happened since March when the first idea about the event were twittert is just marvellous and the broad support especially from UK-based institutions is applaudable.
I’m not sure what I will contribute. I’m on holidays and still not sure how to make it an archaeologist day. I could make a trip to one of the many fantastic sites on the island of Mallorca where we use to spend our summer due to family reasons.
But that would just make a report on a trip that might be a little different to those trips other visitors of the island take. Actually not even the trip would be different just the destination (probably a heap of stones that shows up after one hour of search in an almost unapproachable location!)
But maybe someone out there has a good idea how I spend my day of archaeology on Mallorca?
Anyone interested in the setting of a certain site, its environment etc.? I could (try to) go there to get the info’s needed!
Need photographs of a site, building etc.? I’ve got my camera with me and could share the fotos to everyone!
Someone needs a close look on a special item in a museum? I’d be interested to dive into the problems and discuss live in front of the object! (I already have the ok of my daughter to take her notebook with me and 3G-web access is also organised!)

Give me a mission for the dayofarchaeology 2011!

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